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How it Works

Peer Clothing's idea is simple, we want clothing to be something more than what you put on you body in the morning. We would like it to be something that you interactive with your peers with, a conversation starter. An interactive and random part of your everyday life. If you have ever watched prime time television you may have noticed that the actors always seem to have a new and fashionable wardrobe every week. If you have ever wanted this type of experience but do not want to deal with that cost of buying new clothing every month and paying outrages prices then you have come to the right place.

First things first, we cant do anything till you let us know who you are. select your size and gender then Let us know were we can send you your first graphic tee.

Let us take it from here! As soon as you become a member just wait and we will send you your first graphic tees directly to your house. Once you receive your shirt just go ahead and wear it.

Want another shirt? Of course you do! Just send back the shirt in our pre-paid envelope. Log-in to your profile and let us know when you sent it if your want you new shirt even faster.

But wait!! You want to keep the awesome shirt you have? No problem! Just Log in and click on the purchase shirt button and that is it. You can keep that shirt and we are already sending you another.

Instead of changing your style of clothes change your
attitude towards clothing.

Pricing Tables


$14.99 / mo

  • 2 Shirts a Month
  • 1 Shirt at once
  • Buy shirt option
  • Free Shipping


$24.99 / mo

  • 4 Shirts a month
  • 2 Shirts at Once
  • Buy Shirt option
  • Free Shipping


$54.99 / mo

  • 8 Shirts a month
  • 4 shirts at once
  • buy shirt option
  • free shipping

We send you stylish graphic tees directly to your home to wear in your everyday life. Wear it for as long as you like then when you want a new flavor in your fashion send it back and we will send you another one. If at anytime you love the shirt you currently have just go to your profile and buy it, Its as easy as that. Prepaid mailers will come with your shirts so you do not have to pay for shipping. An endless supply of graphic tees are just a click away. If you have ever been bored with your wardrobe then give us a try and be part of the Peer Clothing experience.





Peer clothing LLC was created by designers for people that want to experience a new way of fashion. The idea of having new clothes without having to go shopping has always been interesting to the design team.


The idea behind the company was conceived after founder Jon Jones noticed that every week on late night shows that actors were always wearing different clothing. The idea that everyone can have a variety of different clothes without paying for a full wardrobe.

Las Vegas native and UNLV graduate in design. Traveling all over the United States and Europe to search for inspiration to create a new company that could change the lifestyle of its users.

"Kid, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny. It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense." - Mr. Solo

Clothing is a extension of yourself,
we help to make it stylish and random.


Having any issues or questions? Send a distress signal are way so we can help. Inform us what is going on and we will do what we can to help. We also like to hear from you if you are happy as well. Send us a line and tell us how we are doing and what you like about your experience at Peer Clothing. We wouldn't be anywhere without you, so thanks.

Contact Info

(702) 546-6582


542 Columbia Pike Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89183